Responsive Dating Website Theme For vldPersonals

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With our experience from developing vld themes, we have crafted a completely new and innovative theme. It fits all devices of your visitors and is designed with clarity and aesthetics in mind. Handpicked color pallets and beautifully aligned elements give your site a fresh professional look and additonal features you will love!

The next step in dating website themes

This new theme is even more integrated with Vldpersonals Dating software than the first version. It features an easy-to-manage administration interface. You don't need to be a programmer to run a great dating platform. Customizing this design is done with just a few clicks. Enable or disable functions to create a perfect fit. VldPersonals is a great script with thousands of customers and more than 5 years of development ‐ a trustworthy foundation for our theme.

It's modern and beautiful

This theme brings 2016 to your website!
Give your users a new experience with 100% responsive layouts, nice icons and exclusive features.

Everything is built on bootstrap and gives you the flexibility you need. Do you need another look to match your customers better? No problem, just use a bootstrap theme you love or ask us. We will provide a customized version for you - for free.

The theme comes with 6 predefined skins that we picked and modified for dating purposes.

Admin Panel

1 Exclusive Theme Engine

As a site owner you may know that adding new features is difficult. We have worked hard to solve this for you and developed a unique system no other vld theme has.

You can add, enable and configure plugins in our theme without having to write any line of code. No matter which version of vld you use, your upgrades will still work.

2 Matchmaking System

Your users can select what they are searching and let the site give them great matches that fit. Let them chose from a predefined list of fields which will describe the partner of their dreams. Helping people find love easier is a goal that every dating site should have.

The compatibility of users will be shown on visited profiles. This gives the user a first impression and helps finding somebody with common interests. With this module you can get more interactions and more conversations.

Conversations and Ajax Messenger

3 Conversation Module

Communication is a core function in dating systems. Our new conversation system enables messaging everywhere. You can start a conversation on all pages. The chats open in a popup, your users don't have to leave current page. Click user - Send message - continue browsing.

The messenger is optimized for mobile devices and works great with touch enabled screens. If you have made changes to your existing messages, you can chose to use your existing solution. The new system is opt-in.

4 User engagement & Activities

Keeping existing users entertained and engaged is important. With a strong focus on new signups you should not forget about users that you already have. Make their visits longer and more often with our activity system which gives a daily login bonus and keeps track of their action rewards.

We have added a photo game where users can browse pictures of their favorites. Every like triggers a notification and motivates the users come back and see who liked their profile.

Activity System and profile self promotion
User Geolocation

5 User Geolocation

People are bounded to their homes, to their city and their country. This theme will take location into consideration and filter for people nearby. The chance of a successfull match gets much bigger with common culture and language.

We have added maps and a new search that considers distance. Let your users chose where they are searching.

6 Commodity Functions

The standard vldpersonals script provides a great stability and many features. Due to its mature state it lacks features that were not present or required during development. The web has changed a lot in the last years and users have much higher expectations to websites.

Notifications without reloading pages, modal windows, audio feedback and several counters have been added to the script. The theme will automatically manage everything for you. Great assistance for website owners helps automatically asigning user groups and gives you more possibilities for monetarization.

Ajax Notifications, Commodities

Improved User Experience and UI

We have added new elements, removed old structures and restructured action flows to give your user a more intense interaction. Everything is built to make them stay longer on your site and discover other interesting members.

Works out of the box

If your server is able to run vldPersonals, it will run our theme. Our theme engine is designed to be non-intrusive and improve performance instead of hurting it. Intall the theme like any other design and you are ready to start. No complicated database modifications required.

Conversation - Everywhere

Communication is a core function in dating systems. Our new conversation system enables messaging everywhere. You can start a conversation on all pages. The chats open in a popup, your users don't have to leave current page. Click interesting users - Send message - continue browsing.

Created with focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is critical that people find you. That's why SEO was one of the core aspects when developing this theme. We have used best practives for you to have a great performance in Google PageSpeed and search engines.

Frequent User Voice Upgrades

We have improved our update strategy. New features are decided by our buyers. You know best what your customers want and your site needs, that's why we let you suggest new modifications. We will implement the most voted for free.

Individual Support and User Forum

You can contact us via email or use the forum to ask questions. With experience in running vld dating websites we can give you hints on technical possibilies or answer general questions. You can ask the community and share experience between website owners.

6 ultracool predefined skins - click to see the demo

Select a premade theme or build your own. Feel free to ask us to build one for you, all we need is your color palette.

6 Color schemes for $62.95 !

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